What the world needs now is a dose of Garabaldi ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size).

Although the famous Caplin ROUS passed away a few years ago, his owner and capybara aficionado, Melanie Typaldos, has adopted another little guy, and he's just as cute. In fact, he looks exactly the same. Is that speciesist? I bet a capybara on a different planet is looking at a picture of me and another fat redhead and being like, "Meh, same diff!" Whatever, I do not care, I love them both equally.

Plus, according to Catster, where I get ninety percent of my news and so should you, Gari is now friends with a stray cat that moved in. It took them about a year to get used to each other, but now they straight kick it, cuddling-style.

Let's take in a dose of this visual Prozac, and then perhaps also a real Prozac. Long day.