Yeah and Lane Bryant is one of the only places we can actually even go INTO a brick and mortar retailer. I make enough money to spend a good amount on clothes, but it feels like a chunk of that just goes to paying for freaking shipping. The playing field is not even; you can't judge what we will and won't spend when… » 8/08/14 6:09pm 8/08/14 6:09pm

10 Wonderful Things to Expect on Season 2 of 'Orange Is the New Black'

Our beloved Orange Is the New Black returns to Netflix tomorrow (!!!) and I was able to get my greedy little hands on screeners for the first six episodes, and let me tell you, this shiz is about to be SO GOOD. (Very minor spoilers ahead. Nothing big or even medium-sized, as I'm not a monster.) Here's what we have to… » 6/05/14 10:30pm 6/05/14 10:30pm

14-Year-Old Forced Into Marriage Kills Husband More Than Twice Her Age

When Nigerian 14-year-old Wasila Umaru was forced into a marriage with a 35-year-old man, she was terrified and didn't know what to do. In this state of emergency she did the only thing she could think of: she poisoned her husband in the hopes that she would not have to share her body or her life with him, a man whom… » 4/12/14 5:42pm 4/12/14 5:42pm

SORRY MARK BUT WRONG. I purchased you that TWOP Veronica Mars sweatshirt and it said "always take backup" and had a silhouette of Backup the dog, the best character in TV history, on it. (Sorry, I could not let this egregious rewriting of history stand.) xoxoxoxox » 3/29/14 2:24pm 3/29/14 2:24pm

I worked the red carpet for Cosmo (SO FANCY) (not really) and was asking celebrities to take selfies (I do what I'm told) and Ming-Na Wen was SO nice and her daughter fixed my iPhone when we couldn't get it to work to take the selfie because I'm terrible at technology. Anyway, they are both delightful and now I have a… » 1/09/14 5:22pm 1/09/14 5:22pm

I Only Promised to Stay 'Til the Wind Changed: Goodbye, My Friends

In August of last year, I emailed my friend, the awesome Katie J.M. Baker, to see about pitching a story to Jezebel. I'd just been laid off from a job at Google and was looking to do something a little less... Googley. She emailed back saying they were looking for an evening editor and would I be interested? Hell yes,… » 12/19/13 9:33pm 12/19/13 9:33pm

Vaute Couture. Everything. All the time. They're a little expensive but excellent investment pieces because they're crazy warm, built to last, kind to animals, made of recyclable and recycled fibers, and produced ethically and locally (New York City). Favorite.
» 12/18/13 4:39pm 12/18/13 4:39pm